Welcome to my Etsy shop!

Around six years ago, when my then teenage daughter got her ears pierced we found ourselves for the first time in the jewelry making aisle at the local craft store. We bought a few things and made ourselves an endless supply of earrings. We even managed to sell a few. Mostly, however, we enjoyed the many hour complimenting and playfully criticizing each other on our designs and color schemes. Since that time she has married and she still makes jewelry. My jewelry crafting days became crowded out with new babies of our own and the busyness that brings with it.

A little of a year ago I was introduced to the power of praying the Rosary and immediately I found my heart transplanted into the beauty of Catholic faith. In a house full of young children it didn’t take long for me to find my own first rosary covered with love from the hands of my sticky fingered toddler and hence the name, “Sticky Rosary.”

Once again, I have found a new inspiration in a quieter season of life to pick up my own jewelry making with a new and beautiful purpose. I sincerely hope that you enjoy my Rosary shop and find one to buy as a gift for yourself or someone else.