Hold on, I’m Coming

The time of Advent symbolizes the long journey of man marked by sin,  sorrow, contrition, and repentance. It is the reason for the coming arrival of our Messiah, our rescuer. For many, this year, it seems there will be no joy to the world. Sorrow threatens to overcome and the silent night broken by the sound of weeping. When the words, “O Come, O Come Emmanuel!” pour from broken hearts we begin to truly realize why Jesus came. Sorrow, faults, and shame cause us to despair. However, it is through these “happy” faults our hope for forgiveness and restoration become tangible and the need for a Savior woefully understood. Instead of despairing we can shift perspectives and celebrate that our happy faults have gained for us so great a Redeemer!

How kind was God when he looked on us in our misery and sent salvation into the world through His Son. Our present condition is the reason for the coming arrival of our Messiah, our rescuer. May the anticipation and celebration of His coming now and in the future bring you peace and bring you rest. Take heart all you who mourn and wait in exile, Christmas can, after all, belong to those who grieve.

May the circumstances and events of life continue to drive us to deeply appreciate and cherish the birth of Jesus Christ,  our source of hope. Cast all your burdens upon Him and He will give you rest.


May He wrap you in His arms & bring you

courage, peace, & joy as God reminds us…

“Hold on, I’m coming”


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